Lightning Snow: The Journal of Friendly Comet- Day 1

(Sorry this was late! I’m not going to bore you with the whole “Life, schoolwork, etc.” speech, though. Now, let’s get on with the journal!)

Today, the journal of Friendly Comet begins…


    My grandmother gave me this journal before she died… I’m just now writing because I have something to write about. My brother, Adventurous Comet, just joined a ship, the S.S. Popstar. He promises to write whenever he can. I told him to mail as many pictures of the lands that he saw as he could. It wasn’t until he left that I started to cry. I’ve stopped crying, but my eyes are still a little red.

    I’ve made a decision that I only feel comfortable writing. I’m leaving this island. I’m going to go tell my parents.


Friendly Comet

Later, same day.

I’m going to an island called Cryptids Island. The blimp will leave soon. Goodbye, Mom and Dad. Goodbye, Elizabeth. Goodbye, Fort Ridley.

Later, same day.

Cryptids Island

I’m at Cryptids Island. The blimp just landed. So far, it looks nice. There’s a place called Bert’s Bed and Breakfast… I’m going to see if I can get a room.

See you later,

Friendly Comet


Man, this island is awesome! I found a place called Kitty’s Kites, and I can try out the kites! I’ve never flown a kite before… Wait, I know which one I want! I want a kite with a sun on it…

Got to go,

Friendly Comet